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10 Reasons to Quit Coffee

10 Reason To Quit Coffee

10 Reasons To Quit Coffee. I had a really big chuckle to myself this afternoon because my partner reckons all the cups of coffee he drinks and all the caffeine intake he has during the day has worn off over the years and he is now not affected by coffee and he can go straight to sleep. Ho hum, and what did I hear Brenda say next . . . that in this picture there is some level of adrenal fatigue. So although you may be able to fall asleep – what is the quality of your sleep like? Do you get enough good quality sleep? Coffee increases blood sugar level which then needs insulin to clean it up and then you run out of energy and you feel like you need another cup of coffee. It is the coffee rollercoaster ride. Want to get off the roller coaster – if yes listen to this video if not move on.

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