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Cancer Cures Itself!

Cancer Cures Itself!

This is one of the most honest and easist explanations of how the body works constantly to defend itself against illness including cancer. Dr Andreas says how if we get ill all we need to do is change the environment inside the body with dietary habits. He talks about the importance of Vitamin D. If you give the body what it needs it will heal itself.

85% of all Americans are Vitamin D Deficient. All cancer patients are Vitamin D deficient.

Chemo therapy and radiation have a 2.2% success rate. With exposure to sunlight you have a 77% chance of getting well. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone. Please listen to this video it is amazing. I am not sick but I am going to change my diet immediately after listening to this video. Please leave your comments and SHARE this with at least 5 people you care about.

We want people to understand cancer and we want you to know something CAN be done about it. Don’t fear it – understand it.

Special Thanks To For Posting This Video! Thanks To VitaminDwiki for Picture.

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