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Get Off High Blood Pressure Meds With Natural Remedies – Dr Joe Brown.

Get off high blood pressure meds with natural remedies – Dr Joe Brown. Things you must do to be able to get off the meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Dr Joe Brown goes through some important data like you might be on meds to lower your blood pressure (BP) and cholesterol but has anyone bothered to find out why these are raised in the first place. Why treat the symptoms for eternity when perhaps there is a remedy or solution to why your BP and cholesterol are high in the first place. What part does CQ10 play in all of this and who needs it?

People with high blood pressure usually don’t have very good diets, they have too much salt and caffeine. Watch this video and leave your comments and SHARE with your firends.

Special Thanks To Dr Joe Brown For Posting This Video!

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