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New Meningitis Vaccine

New Meningitis Vaccine Discussion with Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr Mercola (Part 1 of 2)

New Meningitis Vaccine: As public you need to do your own research. Find as many books and videos and articles on the subject as you can. Educate yourself on the new meningitis vaccine. No one can make the right decision for you but you. People have to stop looking to governments for handouts and for answers because you will not get them there.

The antibodies injected from a vaccine are not the same as the antibodies your own immune system creates for you. You own body creates antibodies that give life long immunity. Vaccines do not give life long immunity! Listen to this video for some very important data. Leave your comments and SHARE.



Very Special Thanks To Mercola For Posting This Video!

Neiserria Meningococcal Strains are as follows:

New Meningitis Vaccine

Neiserria meningococcal Disease is caused by Strain B.

Strain B is not in the vaccine.

2/3 of all incidents of meningitis in young children under 5 years old is caused by strain B.

So the age old question stands if Strain B in not in the vaccine how can the child being given the vaccination be protected. By All means have the vaccines for the people that feel they will be protected by them. But do not force people to inject themselves with unknown substances when we do not know what the effects of this action will be.

We have to start making governments more accountable. When the public is being misled about the efficacy of a substance that will be injected into a loved one or themselves – giving out false information (whether they know it to be false or not) is not OK.

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