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New Meningitis Vaccine Part 2

New Meningitis Vaccine Part 2 РDiscussion Barbara Loe Fisher With Dr Mercola 

New Meningitis Vaccine Part 2: Where is the science that shows the effectiveness and the necessity of this vaccination? Where is the research that shows that it is safe or even effective to give all these toxins to a small infant with an immature immune system? How do we know we are not damaging our infants for life with these vaccinations?

There are too many unanswered questions  . . .Please read up about these vaccinations for yourself get every piece of information from every nook and cranny that you can before making a decision on this subject. Listen to this video and listen to some common sense informmation given out by a Doctor that still can and really cares about health.

Very Special Thanks To Mercola For Posting This Video!

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